Brandstorm unveils the interactive « drop-to-shop » terminal, the smallest store ever created and developed in partnership with FEC, international terminals’ manufacturer and key player in the digital transformation of points of sale.

« Drop-to-shop » is a user-friendly product configuration terminal, where your customers can use real samples to create their products intuitively and playfully, view their creations on a touch-screen, order and pay them for a convenient delivery.

« Drop-to-shop » consists of a materials sample board and product references, attached to a touch-screen and a «Drop-to-shop» identification pad system. This allows for the customers to see, touch or even feel the product before viewing the possible combinations on the screen, for an ultimate personalization of their purchase.

The products thus created on the terminal, can either be ordered and purchased on-site or deferred using a tracking system to be later conveniently delivered to a chosen address. Such monitoring throughout the purchasing process allows you to collect invaluable data and analyze the journey and behavior of your customers (choices, decisions, time spent, etc.), said data being of essence to effectively retain users and secure a lasting consumer loyalty to your brand.

This technology allows for e-customers to return to the retail point of sale, providing them with a unique purchasing experience and simultaneously offers an optimized production and inventory management, based on customer demand, in real time.

We offer a « neutral » terminal that can easily be personalized to correspond to your brand identity and allows infinite functionality and configurations (wall, suspended, table, etc.)

Deliver never seen before personalization & loyalty experiences for your clients at point of sale

Founded in 2002, brandstorm, brand architects is an architecture studio specialized in space design and retail architecture.

Here are our strategic axes which focus on 3 pillars :

1- Our core business, namely design and architecture in a retail environment from concept design, to the development and production of store, pop-up, decors and fittings

2- The development of retail innovations, particularly technological, which allow brands to extend their omni-channel distribution while deepening their knowledg of consumers

3- The industrialization of the point of sale; through its exclusively retail experience brandstorm has developed over the last 5 years a method to reduce the costs and time of retail deployment